BIG KRIT’s “Live From The Underground” is on some “Circa 94” Southern “Ish”!!

Unless you have been living under a rock you know about one of the most buzzed about hop-hop artist in recent years, Big KRIT and his highly anticipated debut studio album “Live From The Underground” on Def Jam Records. What you may not be aware of is that his A&R /DJ Wally Sparks is a good friend and collaborator of Circa 94 Beats having appeared on several songs behind the turntables (see the Circa 94 Beats/Black Folk Inc collab Biathalon and its remix Triathalon) and even collaborating on beats with us based on a few techniques he picked up from KRIT on production. He has been an advocate for KRIT for many years … reintroducing us to his music after we had actually met KRIT a year prior in his native Meridian Mississippi and championing him through a series of critically acclaimed free albums.The connections and actually witnessing some of what KRIT has to reach this position via Sparks has made this release even more exciting for us. When speaking to Sparks earlier this year he hinted at the features that were in the works and mentioned how incredible the album was….

..Well he wasn’t lying!! As the title of this post mention’s KRIT’s Big KRIT’s album “Live From The Underground” is on some Circa 94 Southern Ish harkening back to early Outkast, Goodie Mob, UGK and 8Ball & MJG (who are featured on the album).The feature Wally had hinted towards those months prior than legendary guitarist blues man BB King who definitely delivers.

This album will definitely become another insta-classic for BIG KRIT as it has already garnered top ratings across several online sources all the way to mainstream publications such as  Entertainment Weekly giving the album an A-. Definitely a must have for those who like a blend of sampling as well as heavy instrumentation reminiscent of classic Dungeon Family/ Suave House productions “Circa 94”.


PS yes we have a bias …but dope is dope!!

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The story goes that a long time ago three brothers came together to discuss hip-hop and life (mostly hip-hop). Even though they went their seperate ways shortly thereafter, their love of hip-hop helped them stay in touch. They saw many changes happen in hip-hop; some good...most bad. The songs on the radio made them seek refuge in their record collections, longing for the good old days. In the midst of complaining about the current landscape of hip-hop, they realized what they needed to do in order to keep their sanity. They decided to create the music they wanted to hear. Little did they know, the seeds for this idea had been planted long ago, circa '94!!! Description Circa 94 Beats is a Hip-Hop Production crew he build their beats around the foundation of classic hip-hop.

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