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The Decline of New Music

Well Damn —just do it for the love because we have too many clones as is

Wendy Day

By, Bob Lefsetz

This story has been buzzing for months, but I point you to a recent article on the decline of new music in the United States:

“It’s Official: New Music Is Shrinking In Popularity In The United States”:

Is new music not as good?

I’d argue that case, but that is not what is happening here. We’ve reached the tipping point, YOU JUST CAN’T REACH PEOPLE ANYMORE!

The music business is the canary in the coal mine. It’s where disruption happens first. What happens in the music business ultimately spreads to other industries. So what is happening here is there’s a plethora of product and the means of promoting that product has become ever less efficient and diverse.

Let me make it simple. Used to be if you were on AM radio everybody knew your name and music.

Then FM bifurcated the attention, but it turned out…

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