The Decline of New Music

Well Damn —just do it for the love because we have too many clones as is

Wendy Day

By, Bob Lefsetz

This story has been buzzing for months, but I point you to a recent article on the decline of new music in the United States:

“It’s Official: New Music Is Shrinking In Popularity In The United States”:

Is new music not as good?

I’d argue that case, but that is not what is happening here. We’ve reached the tipping point, YOU JUST CAN’T REACH PEOPLE ANYMORE!

The music business is the canary in the coal mine. It’s where disruption happens first. What happens in the music business ultimately spreads to other industries. So what is happening here is there’s a plethora of product and the means of promoting that product has become ever less efficient and diverse.

Let me make it simple. Used to be if you were on AM radio everybody knew your name and music.

Then FM bifurcated the attention, but it turned out…

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Pako and Circa 94′ Beats – “Unmatched Spirit


Circa 94 Beats collaborate with Chattanooga, TN rap artist Pako to make the soulful hip-hop album “Unmatched Spirit”. It features guest appearances from the group Black Folk Inc. , Floami Fly, Reggie Long of Reel Tight, and MDS Bella and is now streaming.

Check out the video to the single “Pen Cry”


“Get It”

tonygrandshq 👑 official website of Tony Grands

Stream/Purchase Get It here.

Produced by Circa 94 Beats
Featuring Low Blow
Mixed by Walter Lee
Released March 2018

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“Whatchuwant” (Official Video)

tonygrandshq 👑 official website of Tony Grands

Stream/Purch Whatchuwanthere.

Produced by Circa 94 Beats
Mixed and Mastered by Extraordinairethegreat

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“Champion” (Official Video)

Champion produced by Circa 94 Beats is out now!!!

tonygrandshq 👑 official website of Tony Grands

Stream/purchase Champion here.

Video directed by David Griffin
Produced by Circa 94 Beats
Mixed by Extraordinaire
September 2018

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Get CIRCA 94 BEATS’s full discography and save 35%

CIRCA 94 BEATS just made their full digital discography (11 releases) available on Bandcamp for $45.50 USD (a 35% discount). Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 5.05.18 AM

Check it out here.


Circa 94 Beats

Recently Circa 94 Beats embarked on a two week journey to California where they spent their time creating the music for this special project.Clocking in at a brisk 30 minutes, Circa 94 Beats brings you heat from the Golden State!!

Available Exclusively via Bandcamp:

1. Black Knight (0:00)
2. BW Soul (1:50)
3. Flames / Get Back (4:18)
4. Jazz In Progress (5:51)
5. Love Circa 92’ (8:34)
6. Old School Love (10:21)
7. One Two Step (11:55)
8. Pete’s Rocks (14:21)
9. Prototype (15:42)
10. Reaching For Straws (18:08)
11. Set It On (20:17)
12. Sho Nuff the Shogun of Hickory Hollow (22:25)
13. Sincerest Apologies (23:57)
14. StoryofmyLife (26:20)
15. Wuteva man (27:27)
16. Z 4 Zulu (28:51)

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Rapper Appreciation Wednesday: Duval “Masta Ace” Clear



Representing Brooklyn every step of the way, Masta Ace was born in 1966, and first appeared to the rap universe in 1988, on DJ Marley Marl’s Juice Crew posse cut, “The Symphony.” Appearing alongside heavyweights such as Big Daddy Kane, Craig G, and Kool G(enius of). Rap, Ace held his own on the jam-packed banger, laying the impressive, respectable foundation for a nearly 30 year career.

Today, we give flowers to Masta Ace in appreciation for all his hard work. Thanks, Duval.

Me and The Biz

Postin’ High


Jeep Ass Nigga

The Symphony

I.N.C. Ride

Little Young (Ft. Edo G.)

Sittin On Chrome


— Tony Grands

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TGDC News: Watch “Deadpool” Unrated, Very NSFW Movie Trailer



Marvel Studios is on a stellar run with its movie superhero universe. From X-Men to Spider-Man to Guardians of the Galaxy to the forthcoming Fantastic 4 reboot, DC can only hope to catch up at this point.

Next year, the momentum will momentarily shift from the mainstream, “pop” heroes when everyone’s favorite asshole finally hits the silver screen. & this looks like the movie Deadpool fans have been literally waiting years to see.

Finally, a superhero movie where motherfuckers bleed and die.

Deadpool hits theaters in 2016.

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Manhood Mondays: The Free Feeling Of Being “Almost 40”



So I found another gray hair this morning. In my beard. That makes number two. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go all out trying to pluck it. But just as I got a decent fingernail grip on the little bastard, I glanced up, saw its older brother, and gave up. I’ll just shave later.

This coming March, of 2016 (God willing I make it in this city), I will turn 40 years old. I’m in just as much shock and awe as you, trust me. Back in my teen years, when I thought I was important and invincible (which I still think I am a little of both), I couldn’t imagine living four decades on this planet. Not that I lived a reckless life or suffered from any form of Tupac Syndrome, I just didn’t have the ability nor desire to envision my life so far in…

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