In our never-ending  quest to expand the expectations of hip-hop we are tackling neo soul and hip-hop with that authentic Circa 94 Beats spin!! This romantic package of music infused with soulful hip-hop and jazz influenced tracks will surely be a valuable asset to your music collection.


Champagne & Panties Leak # 2 “Bath & Body Work” with album Tracklist

BATH & BODY WORK LEAK#2 – featuring Paul Vegas, DJ Pocket, Tone4thDynasty, William Raymond and Danny Johnson of Reel Tight From the album Champagne & Panties release Valentines Day from Serious Knock Entertainment via iTunes and other online retailers. Stay Tuned for CD orders in next few days also!!

Also here is the complete track list From the album “Champagne & Panties” release …thanks to everyone who made this project possible!!


J. Dilla The G.O.A.T.!!

We will make not denial that all our projects from “I Hear Voices”, to our Tribe Tribute,to out upcoming project “Champagne & Panties” are in their own ways tributes to certain stages of the career Jay Dee AKA J Dilla!!  Here are a few links of interest referring to the late great J. Dilla who would’ve been 39 years old this week:

“Champagne and Panties” Leak: ANGEL (DEDICATION2)

As we gear up for the Valentines holiday’s here is a leak from the album  Champagne & Panties releasing on 2-14-13 from Serious Knock Entertainment! Circa94.Champagne&Panties.Disc2

ANGEL (DEDICATION2) – featuring Brick of Pinney Woods (R.I.P.), Sylrock, B-Lo Brown of Black Folk Inc, and Reggie Long of Reel Tight