What Can We Learn From Fresh Fest 85?

What Can We Learn From Fresh Fest 85?

1. Skinny Jeans may not have had nothing on Skinny Shorts

2. Beat box is a lost art that was cherished

3. (By the looks of all the commercials) Graffiti is a lost art that was not cherished

4. Jermaine Dupri may not have grown but half an inch since 1985

5. The DJ Ruled

COUNT BASS D – Release of new project T.S. and excerpt from Full Count doc about T-Boz

New Instrumental package from Count Bass D available now


Count Bass D. talks about his classic song “T-Boz Tried To Talk To Me” and how it came back to him years later in an  unexpected way:

FullCount Documentary available via countbassdoc.com

spotted @ CultureKing


Nuff’ Said!!