SIMPLE TREASURES (U-LUV-IT) – featuring Black & Mild Music, Hotsauce, Benny Rockaway,Walter Lee Younger of Black Folk Inc.


SIMPLE TREASURES (U-LUV-IT) – featuring Black and Mild Music, HotsaucetheMC, Benny Rockaway,Walter Lee Younger of Black Folk Inc. From the album Champagne & Panties on Serious Knock Entertainment via iTunes and other online retailers

“Champagne and Panties” Leak: ANGEL (DEDICATION2)

As we gear up for the Valentines holiday’s here is a leak from the album  Champagne & Panties releasing on 2-14-13 from Serious Knock Entertainment! Circa94.Champagne&Panties.Disc2

ANGEL (DEDICATION2) – featuring Brick of Pinney Woods (R.I.P.), Sylrock, B-Lo Brown of Black Folk Inc, and Reggie Long of Reel Tight