Count Bass D in Cologne Germany (short documentary/interview)

A word from the filmmaker:

A little portrait of count bass d, one of my most favorite rapper & producer. when i heard that he would come to cologne, i grabbed my camera and went from here and there to here and there, one spot to another, to see what he’s doing here. it was a good insight. all of the music in the video was either produced by him or twit one. the work of two geniuses.
the whole idea behind this video was to be fairly close to the work of such a great artist, so its a personal work and i did not make use of a big set up. me and my camera. count bass d and the music. hope you enjoy.
thanks to step forward and radio love love, who gave me the opportunity to have such insights.
check the website of http://countbassd.com and
my website will be online soon!

Video by Phila Demi

EXCERPT- “Count Bass D: On working with MF DOOM” from FULL COUNT documentary

Count Bass D.

Must say this was a really inspiring and all around insightful documentary into artistic/independent music.We encourage anyone who questions whether or not they want to really pursue anything in the music business to check out FULL COUNT: a short documentary on Count Bass D available at which features cameos from the homie DJ Pocket ,insight from Dionne Farris, and the dope bonus track “Unconditional Tough Love”.

Caught this via Culture King



Count Bass D has been the quintessential underground hip-hop musician for the past twenty years. This film seeks to explore the work, inspiration and motivation of an artist who has gained international attention and acclaim, struggled through setbacks and false starts, and who, over the years, has inspired an entire generation of independent artists still searching for recognition themselves.

How does an artist’s spirit evolve and endure over time? Having reached professional heights, but still forced to grapple with the realities of working class America, Count Bass D occupies an advantageous position to speak on art, life, family, and articulate the strange priorities unique to those who abandon stability and certainty to chase dreams.

Count Bass D. Full Count Documentary is available via

Full Count: a short doc on Count Bass D  is joint production by YearoftheFilm and and is available OCTOBER 8TH  for the low price of $5 at


Here is the Press Release:

Brooklyn, NY –   The terms “independent” and “underground” have rarely epitomized another musician more than hip-hop journeyman Dwight Farrell.  In a candid new documentary, the versatile instrumentalist, lyricist and producer speaks about his 20 years making music under the rap moniker Count Bass D.

FULL COUNT follows the artist in his day-to-day, into the studio and on the road immediately after significant personal upheaval relocated him to Atlanta.  Featuring new interviews and footage, Count Bass D opens up bearing hard truths about music, family, and the necessary sacrifices when you make music and inspiration your income.

Fresh from releasing five instrumental albums named after each of his children, Count always seems to have another project in the works.  “I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  That’s my secret,” says Count.  The longevity of his independent music career continues to impress.

An intimate portrait film, FULL COUNT is a glimpse into the tumultuous existence of one of the preeminent independent and underground musicians today, and one who has helped redefine those terms for countless other musicians who have followed.

In addition to the film, a previously unreleased Count Bass D track will be included in the download.  FULL COUNT: a short documentary on Count Bass D, will be released Oct. 8th exclusively on the film’s website, as an HD digital download and for just $5.

Written by Dwight Conroy Farrell

Produced & Directed by Chris Fiorentini

(Documentary, 34 min, HD 720p)

A joint production of & YearoftheFilm