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Walter Lee AKA Walter Lee Iacocca AKA Walter Lee Younger. Extraordinaire is a producer,songwriter,hustler,one half of the group @blackfolkinc and founding member of @circa94beats. Walter Lee was born in Music City USA Nashville, Tennessee, spending a great deal of time between his hometown of Chattanooga,Tennessee and Atlanta,Georgia growing up.This gave the budding musical artist a vantage point in developing his sound by the time he entered Middle Tennessee State University's acclaimed Recording Industry program. He has produced, performed and toured with some of the best in the industry...to make a long story short "that boy is good!"

TONY GRANDS • “GET IT” • featuring LOW BLOW • produced by CIRCA 94 BEATS

TG Get it 2

TGDC News: Watch “Deadpool” Unrated, Very NSFW Movie Trailer




Marvel Studios is on a stellar run with its movie superhero universe. From X-Men to Spider-Man to Guardians of the Galaxy to the forthcoming Fantastic 4 reboot, DC can only hope to catch up at this point.

Next year, the momentum will momentarily shift from the mainstream, “pop” heroes when everyone’s favorite asshole finally hits the silver screen. & this looks like the movie Deadpool fans have been literally waiting years to see.

Finally, a superhero movie where motherfuckers bleed and die.

Deadpool hits theaters in 2016.

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Remember The Times: What Was the First Album That You Owned?



My mother’s younger brother introduced me to rap music when I was about 7 years old. It was roughly 1983. He’d come around with cassette tapes filled with various songs from whoever the hell these people were, and almost immediately, I was in love. This was the most beautiful combination of sounds I’d ever heard, and that’s coming from a man who was born in the late 70s, raised in a house where Black soul music pumped continuously. Continually. So much so that my father swiftly traded in his affinity for 70s funk and disco music for a genuine love of rap in the early 1980s. His love of Hip Hop hit him at the same time as mine.

His Earth, Wind, and Fire, Chaka Khan, and Stevie Wonder albums were (sorta) replaced by Whodini, Run DMC, LL Cool J, and EPMD tapes. Some years later, we’d bump DJ QUIK…

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Throwback Thursday: “Disorderlies” Starring The Fat Boys: A Classic Hip Hop Movie [STREAM]



You don’t hear much about the Fat Boys anymore. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I heard a Fat Boys song on the radio.

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In Honor Of Black History Month: A Shout Out To Winston Zeddemore, The Black Ghostbuster

“If there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.”



Words by Tony Grands

Winston Zeddemore (played by Ernie Hudson) wasn’t a scientist or a doctor like Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Peter Venkman.

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Extraordinaire – Southern Comfort Entertainment Presents: Bread And Butter Documentary

Extraordinaire “Bread And Butter” Mixtape Hosted By: DJ Wally Sparks drops February 10th. Circa 94 Beats produced two selections on this project including the title track!!

Count Bass D in Cologne Germany (short documentary/interview)

A word from the filmmaker:

A little portrait of count bass d, one of my most favorite rapper & producer. when i heard that he would come to cologne, i grabbed my camera and went from here and there to here and there, one spot to another, to see what he’s doing here. it was a good insight. all of the music in the video was either produced by him or twit one. the work of two geniuses.
the whole idea behind this video was to be fairly close to the work of such a great artist, so its a personal work and i did not make use of a big set up. me and my camera. count bass d and the music. hope you enjoy.
thanks to step forward and radio love love, who gave me the opportunity to have such insights.
check the website of http://countbassd.comhttp://step-forward-booking.de and http://radiolovelove.blogspot.de
my website will be online soon!

Video by Phila Demi

BRANDY LI shouts out Circa 94 Beats in Coast to Coast Magazine



Boom Bap Heroes Vol.1: ASR-10


This is what we started it off with literally “Circa 94”. Here is a brief description below:
“Boom Bap Heroes” is an innovative documentary film series, showcasing various Drum Machines and Samplers and their impact on Hip-Hop culture. The first film in the series will document the Ensoniq ASR-10, a keyboard/sampling workstation, which emerged in the early 90’s. Vol. 1 features !llmind, Jake One and Emile Haynie, elaborating on how the ASR-10 has changed their lives.