26 Type of Rappers in The Studio

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of Rappers in The Studio”

Count Bass D in Cologne Germany (short documentary/interview)

A word from the filmmaker:

A little portrait of count bass d, one of my most favorite rapper & producer. when i heard that he would come to cologne, i grabbed my camera and went from here and there to here and there, one spot to another, to see what he’s doing here. it was a good insight. all of the music in the video was either produced by him or twit one. the work of two geniuses.
the whole idea behind this video was to be fairly close to the work of such a great artist, so its a personal work and i did not make use of a big set up. me and my camera. count bass d and the music. hope you enjoy.
thanks to step forward and radio love love, who gave me the opportunity to have such insights.
check the website of http://countbassd.comhttp://step-forward-booking.de and http://radiolovelove.blogspot.de
my website will be online soon!

Video by Phila Demi

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