What happened to the FEMALE RAPPER? #RapRatz

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26 Type of Rappers in The Studio

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of Rappers in The Studio”

de•bauch•er•y – Gangster Party Line


The New TARGET Commercial has got me wanting to go to Albee Square Mall to shop instead….

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Circa 94 Beats T-shirt sold out of Asia, Indonesia ?

Paul Vegas came across this on sale online at eBay being sold in Asia:

Here was the killer:

DISCLAIMER The logo/picture is trademark of their respective companies. This product is not licensed, defined, sponsored, endorsed or manufactured by the Companies.

YOU THINK!? They infringed on our infringement!! LOLOL

Look we can’t trip b/c this has been one of our most critically acclaimed projects that we released in 2011 in honor of A Tribe Called Quest’s doc “Beats Rhymes and Life”, and while out of respect for ATCQ we have not tried to make Merch out of their logo, we are glad to see that what we did  has reached that far across the world off a last minute design Walter Lee put together. If you cop the shirt just make sure you cop the beat tape also:

Circa 94 Beats out!!

Working on our next mixtape “Beats Kanye Would Make If He Was Still Dope”



We are just joking but don’t front like you wouldn’t cop that!! lolol Props to Kanye (and Kenny)West!!

PS: Addendum- Paul Vegas said “White Dress” is a return to form and we better quit with the wisecracks lol

“White Dress” on Youtube