What happened to the FEMALE RAPPER? #RapRatz

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ARSENIO HALL SHOW Hip-Hop Grand Finale Circa 94

Back in the day hip hop had outlets like Rap City,Yo MTV Raps (R.I.P. to both) and late night staple Arsenio Hall Show. This show was a must back in the day for those in know and when the show came to an end hip hop came in support. A Who’s Who List of hip-hop luminaries that included Mad Lion, Naughty by Nature, CL Smooth, Yo Yo, Das Efx,Fu-Schnickens, Krs One. Gza and WuTang Clan. Guru of Gangstarr, MCLyte, & A Tribe Called Quest represented in a Hip Hop All Stars tribute to the man….Classic …since this is our first time seeing this ourselves…ENJOY!!