Fresh on Fresh – Fresh Prince & Doug E. Fresh

Will has  hit movies, schools built but still finds time to it bring home…shout out to doppelganganger McGhee!!

K2- Call Me

Circa 94 Beats member K2 steps into the pop arena with this catchy tune dedicated to his daughter!!

BONUS: Checkout this entry for Folger’s Coffee Jingle from 2012 featuring our very own K2 with his Curie Alumni group:

@CountBassD & @DJPocket-In The Loop 3 #THANKSFAM Promo

Available now!!


From Eddie Meeks who we have been collaborating with most recently on the album “No Concept…Just Dope”:

 “CAPPUCCINO IS.. THE PRODUCER’S BEST FRIEND! Vol 1: The Alchemist Sessions “(#TBPF) is an interlude between FLUSH THE THRONE EP (#FTT) and the forthcoming DOE-CINO EP.

He may just be your mom’s, kid’s, and favorite rappers favorite rapper. He IS the producer’s best friend. Just as #FTT is a movement, #TPBF is a declaration. An addition to an already stellar catalogue of music, Cappuccino is… The Producer’s Best Friend, features the solid production, substantial lyricism, and unequivocal, uncompromising signature voice of Meeks.

The 6 song digital mixtape TPBF features CINO on Alchemist beats mixed by Jon Doe, with a Soul Assassin mix of Assassinated (Unauthorized Records).
The forthright word slinger has been recording and releasing music for the better part of two decades and his resume reads like a who’s who in underground hip-hop:

TPBF  is equal parts homage and gift to fans of Hip Hop.

“This project is available @ for FREE download as a gift to HIP HOP lovers around the world! All we ask for in return is that you listen to it, enjoy it, and let The Alchemist know about it via his Twitter @ALANTHECHEMIST. We thank you!!!”- DOECINO

EXCERPT- “Count Bass D: On working with MF DOOM” from FULL COUNT documentary

Count Bass D.

Must say this was a really inspiring and all around insightful documentary into artistic/independent music.We encourage anyone who questions whether or not they want to really pursue anything in the music business to check out FULL COUNT: a short documentary on Count Bass D available at which features cameos from the homie DJ Pocket ,insight from Dionne Farris, and the dope bonus track “Unconditional Tough Love”.

Caught this via Culture King

“Holier Than Thou” by Siksoh6 Available NOW for your Listening & Purchasing pleasure!!

Purchase the latest from our regular collaborator Siksoh6 of Critikalmass Enteryainment now at bandcamp….Keep it Coming homie!! 

Working on our next mixtape “Beats Kanye Would Make If He Was Still Dope”



We are just joking but don’t front like you wouldn’t cop that!! lolol Props to Kanye (and Kenny)West!!

PS: Addendum- Paul Vegas said “White Dress” is a return to form and we better quit with the wisecracks lol

“White Dress” on Youtube

“WU-TANG IS FOR THE KIDS” -RZA of Wu-Tang Clan Mentors Young Rappers

“Bong Bong”

DJ Pocket-Analog to Digital Commercial

Although this project has just reached its First Anniversary its never too late to share the dopeness!! This commercial also features a few nods to Circa 94 Beats as well as giving you a good look at the camp we release music through, Serious Knock Entertainment!!

ROCK THE VOTE: For The first Time fans Get to Vote for Inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Can you see these NWA’s in the

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?


Such hip hop Pioneers such as Public Enemy and NWA as well as artist he paved the way for hip hop such as Chic, Kraftwerk, and The Meters, late disco diva Donna Summer, The Marvelettes, Rush are some of the new nominees to be potentially placed in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!! The top five artists chosen by fans will comprise a fan’s ballot so

go to to see the list and vote