I hope this rhyme finds you in your time of need..

Cause you a superstar yes you are true indeed…

Go ahead shine and let them sit in the shade…

they ain’t trying to move they either hating or afraid…

So go ahead show yo ass…

they anorexic in the ring they out of your weight class..

As for me I walk the fine line by design …

Not trying to be a star just trying to show y’all I can rhyme..

but if they orbit I’m not gonna forfeit…

Imma go and play all the parts like Norbit…

Just like superstar….

Circa 94 Beats No Concept

Circa 94 Beats NO CONCEPT JUST DOPE available on iTunes now!!

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About circa94beats

The story goes that a long time ago three brothers came together to discuss hip-hop and life (mostly hip-hop). Even though they went their seperate ways shortly thereafter, their love of hip-hop helped them stay in touch. They saw many changes happen in hip-hop; some good...most bad. The songs on the radio made them seek refuge in their record collections, longing for the good old days. In the midst of complaining about the current landscape of hip-hop, they realized what they needed to do in order to keep their sanity. They decided to create the music they wanted to hear. Little did they know, the seeds for this idea had been planted long ago, circa '94!!! Description Circa 94 Beats is a Hip-Hop Production crew he build their beats around the foundation of classic hip-hop.

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