I’m iffy about checking that new Frank Ocean ….

On Jul 17, 2012, at 12:17 AM, wrote:
Well with the biz we are in- if you think that the majority of people are hetero, then you’re blind. And if you don’t listen to something because someone is gay, then you’re stupid, on top of homophobic and closed minded. It’s like people not listening to r&b because it’s the music of colored people. Dude, this is 2012. Let them mofo’s live, bro. They don’t want you or me. Mo p*%#y for us.
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I’m not sweating it like that.. I’m sure it’s great music and I would’ve been more amp to check it … But damn “coming out” a week before your album drops is no better than getting into a fight with Drake 2 weeks before your Album drops!! Publicity stunts make me weary music can’t be good if it can’t stand on its on merit. But this is the world we live in.. Not hate at all whatsoever … Just don’t dig the sensationalism of the game… Neil Patrick Harris is gay but still a good actor… he isn’t using that as selling point… He just does undeniable work
…then again the album sold well over 100,000 units in its first week so what do I know ?


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The story goes that a long time ago three brothers came together to discuss hip-hop and life (mostly hip-hop). Even though they went their seperate ways shortly thereafter, their love of hip-hop helped them stay in touch. They saw many changes happen in hip-hop; some good...most bad. The songs on the radio made them seek refuge in their record collections, longing for the good old days. In the midst of complaining about the current landscape of hip-hop, they realized what they needed to do in order to keep their sanity. They decided to create the music they wanted to hear. Little did they know, the seeds for this idea had been planted long ago, circa '94!!! Description Circa 94 Beats is a Hip-Hop Production crew he build their beats around the foundation of classic hip-hop.

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